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Every business needs IP protection.

Whether you’re just starting out or an established business, I can help turn your ideas and inventions into profits.

Sagacity [”suh-gas-i-tee”]
Wise and prone to evaluating information before making a decision,
the trait of solid judgment and intelligent choices.

"Randi guided me through the steps of setting up a small business for the first time, including instructing me on who to contact next."

— nicole b.

"Randi made the legal process that I was unfamiliar with understandable and easily accomplished."

— audrey f.

Hi, I'm Randi!

As a legal advisor and coach, I show my clients how to protect their business in a way that feels comfortable and understandable while providing practical advice and services.

I help them create a legal framework that aligns with their business strategy and is adaptable to their future evolution.

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"Every legal agreement that we enter into, whether with partners, suppliers, contractors, or clients, we have every confidence in the recommendations from Randi. As a small firm, it can sometimes be quite daunting dealing with the internal legal functions in multi-nationals and global organizations. In a recent example of working with one such organization, we forwarded the contracts to Randi, who not only did an exceptional job in reviewing the document but also provided excellent counsel on how we could minimize risk without detracting from the legal rights of our potential client."

— Barry s.

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