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Every business needs Intellectual Property

Whether you’re just starting out or an established business, I can help turn your ideas and inventions into valuable intellectual property assets.

Sagacity [”suh-gas-i-tee”]
Wise and prone to evaluating information before making a decision,
the trait of solid judgment and intelligent choices.

"Randi and her team are simply the best. Incredibly responsive and accurate. Most IP firms file patents and trade makes. But Sagacity (what a great name) offers a myriad of services, services that many small companies don't realize they need until it is too late. And the best part is it's fun to work with Sagacity because email usually includes one or two of these :-) A NO stuffiness zone:-) Oh, and you can't beat the value!"


"I cannot recommend Randi and Sagacity Legal enough when looking for a patent and trademark attorney. Working with Randi has been a true partnership and amazing experience. She truly cares about her clients and wants to help, and always has her calendar available for me to schedule time to meet and talk through things." She is a true angel for startup founders and I don’t know if I would have been able to do this patent/trademark process if I had not met her!"


Hi, I'm Randi!

As a legal advisor and coach, I show my clients how to protect their business in a way that feels comfortable and understandable while providing practical advice and services.

I help them create a legal framework that aligns with their business strategy and is adaptable to their future evolution.

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"If you are looking for a Great Patent Attorney that knows the business well, is easy to work with, and always ready to listen to your ideas.  Then Look no further!! Even when the Examiner had denied my patent application. Not once, but twice!! Since Randi had done a proper search before starting on my patent application. Randi felt very Confident about my idea being patinable before we even started the patent process. So when the examiner presented us with his reasons for the non final denial of my patent.  Randi proceeded with the proper procedures, along with calling for personal phone conversations with the examiner, and the examiners supervisor, more than once..Not sure word-for-word how the conversations went, but it was obvious to me. Randi was pointing out all the specifics of the uniqueness of my idea. Because soon after we were contacted by the examiner that my patent had been Approved.. And has since been Granted!! Randi also did my trademarks, which also took a little bit of corresponding with the examiners. And again, Randi got the job done!! If you are an entrepreneur like myself, and if you are ever in need of protecting your IP / idea.
I would most definitely Recommend considering Sagacity Legal. Randi and her staff are the best!! 


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