My vision is to create a new world where entrepreneurs legally protect their success. Effortlessly.

When you work with me, you’ll know you and your business are protected. You’ll feel confident and assured that your business can keep growing, free from the risk of unwanted legal attention.

Hi, I'm Randi Karpinia.

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Sagacity Legal's mission is to transform entrepreneur’s ideas and inventions into profitable intellectual property assets.

You see, I’m a small business owner too, just like you.

Over the years, as I’ve spoken and worked with dozens of small business owners and entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed one consistent pattern: when feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do to protect their businesses legally, people tend to disregard the importance of it, choosing instead to focus on what they do understand — their day to day business.

This leaves them at risk, and later on, when faced with a legal dispute, they end up being at fault for not putting simple protective measures in place to start; many times with expensive, stressful results.

I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Combining all that I’ve learned and experienced both as a corporate attorney and small business owner, I can guide you through the legal risks you’ll face now and in the future, so you can focus on what you’re passionate about: growing your business.

The Mission

To transform entrepreneur’s ideas and inventions into profitable intellectual property assets.

integrity & Wisdom

I do the right thing for your business without anyone asking. I use my experience and wisdom to see and understand legal considerations, know what to do, and provide clear explanations to others.


I build trust through transparency and open, authentic communication. I assume positive intent and am the first to extend trust.


I understand business owner’s reactions and feelings in various situations and provide assurance, guidance and support.


I partner with each client as a part of their team, providing service to ensure success in achieving their business goals. I share my experience and resources in service of each client.

Core Values

This business has grown and flourished from the seeds I have been planting all my life.

I started out as an Engineer, moved to being a Corporate Attorney, and now am combining all that I’ve learned and experienced into helping other small businesses gain the confidence and assurance that their passions are being protected.

I’m a single mom, solopreneur, and avid learner. I have a passion for traveling, meeting new people, gaining new experiences and reinventing myself. As a Floridian, you can typically find me outdoors, whether taking a stroll, boating, or just enjoying nature.

Perseverance, motivation, and a desire to positively impact others guide me through all I do. I dedicate myself to mentoring and coaching others, always willing to lend a hand through community service, professional organizations, and social groups.

Through my LinkedIn page and company website, I provide tips, coaching, and snippets of the latest small business legal news, all designed to help protect your passion as your business continues to grow and succeed.

I can’t wait to learn more about you!

The Sagacity Legal Brand Story

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"I can't say enough great things about Randi Karpinia and Sagacity Legal. Randi has helped our business with contracts, non-disclosures, and provided advice on a few key transactions. She's accessible, knowledgeable, and efficient at what she does. She's not a "typical" lawyer, and that's part of why I love working with her."


"Randi is the absolute best. She is super responsive, knowledgeable, professional, and really cares. I feel very lucky to have found her and couldn’t be happier with the services she has provided for me. Highly recommended! She’s a gem."


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