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Introducing: The Coronavirus and Small Business Law Series You are confident and committed and destined to “Wow the World” with your business! You’re working day and night to create something amazing. Then the Coronavirus comes to town. Suddenly the unknown vulnerability and worry leaves you feeling a bit overwhelmed. What are your legal risks? That’s […]

Trademark Alert A newly enacted USPTO rule in effect February 15, 2020 makes electronic communication mandatory in all trademark matters.   The Trademark Communication Rule at a Glance 🔷 All communication with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Trademark matters must be electronic. 🔷 All trademark applications and documents must be filed using […]

Your business identity includes your company name, product name, tagline, and/or logo.  Your business identity is personal, emotional, AND valuable. Registering the trademark for each business identity is a low-priced, high value action to secure your success. Trademark Symbol Before Federal Registration Whenever and wherever you use your business identity, let people know it’s yours […]

Development of an innovation strategy builds an intellectual property “fence” for your company. This fence draws a boundary around the intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, publications) of your company. The ultimate formation of the fence (e.g., memorialization of the innovation) may take many forms including: Offensive intellectual property positions attracts investors and partners, […]

“I’m so excited! I’m open for business! It was as simple as launching my website!” Is that you? As a service-based business, it’s likely that your website is one of your primary connections to potential clients, partners, and advocates. With so many user-friendly, cost-effective website tools available, opening a business online can be a snap. […]

Choosing a name, logo, and/or tagline for your business can be a very emotional decision. You may spend hours brainstorming and getting opinions from others; changing your mind multiple times along the way. Finally, you decide on your perfect name, logo, and tagline. Ones that reflect the personality, objectives, and mission of your business. “Excellent […]

Social Media Disasters As an entrepreneur with a growing business, I rely on social media as a venue for potential clients to know, like, and trust me. My social media content allows people who need my expertise and services to find me. I’ve been posting legal tips, thoughts, and motivations for small business owners consistently […]

Twitter Username: @randikarpinia Account Owner Name: Chamberlin Okula Location: Russia Actual Fact – this happened to me.   You’ve probably heard of  impostors claiming to be celebrities, brands or company big-shots on social media platforms.  I learned the hard way that even us “relatively unknowns” can lose our social media identity to imposters.   I discovered […]

When I was growing up, the Encyclopedia was my “go-to” place for information.  Our family home always had the latest edition. If not in the encyclopedia, the local public library was my next stop.  I would read an article or book passage, take notes, write what I’d learned in my own words and voila my […]

Copyright protects all original expressions of an idea, story, drawing, written instructions and similar materials.  It gives the owner exclusive right to reproduce/distribute copies, and create derivative works; as well as authorize others to do so.  Copyright protects the author/owner from unlawful theft or inadvertent reuse or resale. Copyright protection starts upon creation (i.e. as […]

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