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The Sagacity Legal Story — This Is Me

Sagacity Legal Story

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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” 

Robert Louis Stevenson

Sagacity Legal strives to interact, share knowledge, and guide entrepreneurs to protect their creations, business, and themselves. Its foundation grew solidly from the seeds I planted throughout my life. Seeds survive as dormant forms that only come to life through various stages of germination.  In my case, the unique “breaking the mold” stages of germination brought the seeds creating Sagacity Legal to fruition.

Breaking the Mold Stage One:

I began my professional career as an Electrical Engineer at a time when women made up only 14% of the STEM workforce.  I looked, thought, and acted differently than my colleagues. To my surprise, this actually provided much needed skill sets to the engineering community. My creative problem solving, unique people coaching abilities, and inventive nature fast-tracked me into leadership roles within an environment of male-dominated analytical engineers.  The values of integrity and wisdom, trustworthiness, compassion, and community created teams that excelled, over-delivered. These teams achieved and celebrated their success. During this first stage I also developed a keen interest in protecting creative work, by patenting inventions.

Breaking the Mold Stage Two:

After an exciting, productive engineering career, I decided to make an even greater difference: I decided to recreate myself into a second professional career as a Patent Attorney. 

Stage 2.1 The Road to Becoming a Patent Attorney

For the next three years, as a single parent, I managed law school full time and working full time. Against all odds, I successfully fulfilled all requirements of a Patent Attorney registration. Perseverance, motivation, and a desire to positively impact others guided me through this challenging time.  Similarly to my previous profession, I once again found myself as a gender minority. Females accounted for a mere 15% of all USPTO registered attorneys and agents. I once again looked, thought, and acted differently from my colleagues; and once again I provided much needed skill sets to our profession.

Stage 2.2 From Patent Attorney to Patent Leadership

I rapidly moved from patent practitioner to creative operations and people management.  As a leader in my organization as well as the legal industry, I developed and shared a process, organization and leadership philosophy that others could easily understand, accept and implement. My values of integrity and wisdom, trustworthiness, compassion, and community remained steadfast; providing the basis for valuable and productive relationships with clients, suppliers, staff, and colleagues. I’m particularly proud of how I created and nurtured networks and promoted the empowerment of attorneys and change in the legal industry.

Stage 2.3 Helping Our Acquired Small Businesses

During this second stage, I began specializing in teaching and guiding acquired small companies to reduce their legal risks and enhance their legal protection, especially in the area of patents, copyrights, and trademarks.  I came to the realization along the way that many small businesses and entrepreneurs were so busy trying to grow and become profitable, that they were not prioritizing the understanding of and protection from potential legal risks associated with just that profitability.  

They were not securing their success.

The “aha” moments were many and the rewards fruitful as I guided these organizations to a place of confidence.

Breaking the Mold Stage Three:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” 

Will Durant (rephrasing Aristotle):

In this third stage of my professional career, I once again decided to make a difference. By once again instilling my values of integrity and wisdom, trustworthiness, compassion, and community, Sagacity Legal provides clients with confidence and assurance that their passions remain protected.

As growth and change never ends, I’ve added “life coaching” and “solopreneurship” to my expertise. 

All together, the unique combination of experience, expertise, and methodologies provides just the unique relationship needed today.

My journey has taken me to just the place I was meant to be.

The seeds I planted so many years ago have now been germinated and created a beautiful, valuable new technique for lawyers to help small businesses to thrive and remain securely protected.

Do you need help with your legal needs, I’m here for you. Contact me here.

Want to take the first step to legally securing your success?  Get your Free Ebook today!

About Sagacity Legal:
Sagacity Legal is a Florida-based firm that works with service-based small business owners, who want to minimize their legal risk so they can focus on achieving their full potential.

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