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“I’m so excited! I’m open for business! It was as simple as launching my website!” Is that you? As a service-based business, it’s likely that your website is one of your primary connections to potential clients, partners, and advocates. With so many user-friendly, cost-effective website tools available, opening a business online can be a snap. […]

Everyone loves free stuff. Small business owners, like you and me who are watching our budgets, especially love free stuff. So why pay for images for your website and social media pages when you can use content from the many Free Stock Photo sites which have thousands of great images to choose from? Yes, of […]

Choosing a name, logo, and/or tagline for your business can be a very emotional decision. You may spend hours brainstorming and getting opinions from others; changing your mind multiple times along the way. Finally, you decide on your perfect name, logo, and tagline. Ones that reflect the personality, objectives, and mission of your business. “Excellent […]

When a client comes to me with a legal dispute, requesting my help with conflict resolution, most times the dispute relates to a “relationship gone wrong.”  What does that mean exactly? At the beginning of a relationship, even a business relationship, you’re in what’s referred to as the “honeymoon phase”.  At these early stages, novelty […]

Social Media Disasters As an entrepreneur with a growing business, I rely on social media as a venue for potential clients to know, like, and trust me. My social media content allows people who need my expertise and services to find me. I’ve been posting legal tips, thoughts, and motivations for small business owners consistently […]

All my life I’ve been told to “dress for success.”  Inevitably that meant dressing with a sense of style and professionalism:  impeccable hair, nails, shoes, and of course, let’s not forget the professional dress or pantsuit.    I do agree that your image and appearance makes an impression on others.  That’s basically proven. However, lately I’ve […]

The new technology of today has changed the way we communicate, the way we operate, the way we do business.  Successful businesses today look and feel very different than our parent’s generation. Think about how the rapid changes in technology have changed the way we run our business.   The New Generation Generation Z customers and […]

“If you have butterflies in your stomach, ask them into your heart.”    Cooper Edens     I’m afraid of needles.  Yes, like many of us, injections are not my favorite form of medical care.  As far back as I can remember, when I needed a shot of any kind, I’d scrunch my face, turn my head, […]

Twitter Username: @randikarpinia Account Owner Name: Chamberlin Okula Location: Russia Actual Fact – this happened to me.   You’ve probably heard of  impostors claiming to be celebrities, brands or company big-shots on social media platforms.  I learned the hard way that even us “relatively unknowns” can lose our social media identity to imposters.   I discovered […]

“You’ve damaged the tendons in your right foot.”  Ouch – those words from the podiatrist surely confused me.  “For the next 10 to 12 weeks, you should avoid any activities (including driving) that may aggravate the injury until the pain has gone. We’ll be immobilizing the foot and ankle from moving using a boot.”  My […]

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