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BJ Novak can legally protect his image with his right of publicity

The software patents debate has been ongoing for many many years. On the one hand, many believe that software is an impediment to technology growth. This side of the fence points to patent trolls and how software patents provide a virtual arsenal for Patent Assertion Entities.  These non-practicing entities procure large portfolios of patents and […]

Software patents increase the value of your business. Expert tips in this free eBook.

Protecting your secret sauce as a trade secret is valuable intellectual property.

When you are accused of copyright infringement, your business, your finances, and your reputation are jeopardized!

It’s so upsetting when that special someone leaves your business As a business owner, itโ€™s such a happy day when a talented individual agrees to work for you. At the beginning, youโ€™re in what I call the โ€œhoneymoon phaseโ€. In these early stages, novelty and possibilities drive the relationship. Expectations are high and everyone is […]

Entrepreneurs want to do it all themselves. The first few years of a new business are the โ€œgrind yearsโ€. With little or no income, a new business owner worries about every penny they spend. Then it happens. That AHA! Moment. Youโ€™ve invented the next best thing! You love your new idea. It’s Big. Huge. Astronomical! […]

Youโ€™ve been working hard. Youโ€™ve built a social media following. People online know, like, and trust you and your business. And now itโ€™s time to go to the next step. Social media advertising. Super Exciting! But waitโ€ฆsays the attorney. (hint: thatโ€™s me) Are your ads legally compliant? You have no clue? You are not alone […]

The Clock Is Ticking on Protecting Your Inventions… Youโ€™re running out of time to protect your inventions and we both know it. Youโ€™ve developed a unique, amazing product or process. Uniquely, no-one else does it better. Everyone tells you how phenomenal it is; however, in spite of this, itโ€™s not protected. In the long run, […]

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