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The Coronavirus and Small Business Law Series This blog post series provides key legal strategies, practices, and policies to help you secure your business success during the Coronavirus pandemic. With this knowledge, you can return to what you do best – your service or product. In the first of this series, I discussed key intellectual […]

MY 20/20 CLARITY STORY I wear glasses. Without my glasses the world is a blurry place. My progressive glasses transformed my life. They allow me to see clearly both near and far; providing me a feeling of security, safety, and awareness in everything I do. I wasn’t always an eyeglass – wearer. In fact, there […]

The Original Gold Rush A few months ago, while cleaning out some old boxes, I came upon some old stock certificates for a gold mining company.  For just a moment, I thought “wow, I might be rich.” It’s kind of like when you buy that lottery ticket but the numbers haven’t yet been drawn.  A […]

Every morning I peruse the news on my phone while enjoying my first cup of coffee. Today, this caught my eye: LinkedIn Reaches 675 Million Members, Continues to See ‘Record Levels of Engagement’ The article, published on January 31, 2020 by Social Media Today, summarized the findings of Microsoft’s FY20 Q2 Report including the fact […]

Owning your own business can be so rewarding and fulfilling! You’re able to pursue your passion, expand your horizons, build a legacy, help others, and maybe even change the world! But then…. Life happens. Even to business owners. Especially to business owners. Should you take time off from your business? Sometimes taking a break from […]

Happy Holiday It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays… Yes, the end of December is ripe with holidays.  Chanukah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and even Festivus all occur within the same week.   As a small business owner, I’m so grateful for the many fantastic opportunities that this time of year brings.   Opportunities to […]

“I’m so excited! I’m open for business! It was as simple as launching my website!” Is that you? As a service-based business, it’s likely that your website is one of your primary connections to potential clients, partners, and advocates. With so many user-friendly, cost-effective website tools available, opening a business online can be a snap. […]

Everyone loves free stuff. Small business owners, like you and me who are watching our budgets, especially love free stuff. So why pay for images for your website and social media pages when you can use content from the many Free Stock Photo sites which have thousands of great images to choose from? Yes, of […]

Choosing a name, logo, and/or tagline for your business can be a very emotional decision. You may spend hours brainstorming and getting opinions from others; changing your mind multiple times along the way. Finally, you decide on your perfect name, logo, and tagline. Ones that reflect the personality, objectives, and mission of your business. “Excellent […]

When a client comes to me with a legal dispute, requesting my help with conflict resolution, most times the dispute relates to a “relationship gone wrong.”  What does that mean exactly? At the beginning of a relationship, even a business relationship, you’re in what’s referred to as the “honeymoon phase”.  At these early stages, novelty […]

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