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Patented and Protected: How to Overcome the Obstacles of Sharing Your Patented Invention

patented invention

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You’ve created a unique invention and obtained a patent. You are on your way to turning your patented invention into a profitable venture!

However, there are still several steps to ensure that your invention reaches its full potential.  Check out the latest episode of our video series to learn more. …And keep reading!

This blog provides the steps to make the most of your patented invention. It also shows how to overcome any roadblocks along the way. 

🛑 Step 1: Protect Your Patent 

The first step is to protect your patent as much as possible. This means understanding the scope of your patent and making sure that it covers all aspects of your invention so that no one else can use it without permission. 

Be sure all agreements with suppliers, partners, and staff are well formulated and in writing.  Confidentiality and non compete agreements are critical to your success.

You should also take steps such as applying for all your IP including trademarks or copyrights if necessary, registering domain names related to your invention, and making sure that you adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. 

Taking these steps will help ensure that no one else can use or copy your invention without permission from you. 

🛑 Step 2: Develop a Business Plan 

Once you have protected your patent, the next step is to develop a business plan for how you intend to monetize your invention. 

This may include researching potential markets for your product or service, developing marketing strategies, determining pricing structures, and creating production plans if necessary. 

A well-thought-out business plan will help ensure that you maximize profits from your invention while minimizing risk and cost associated with production or sale.  

🛑 Step 3: Find Investors or Partnerships 

Once you have developed a business plan, it’s time to find investors or partners who are interested in helping bring your product or service to market. 

Finding investors who have expertise in the industry you’re targeting can be extremely beneficial as they may provide valuable insights on how best to monetize and promote your product or service. 

Additionally, partnering with existing companies who specialize in certain aspects of production or promotion can help keep costs down while allowing access to resources not available without such partnerships.  

Making the most of a patented invention requires careful planning and execution in order for it to reach its full potential.

It is important that inventors take steps such as protecting their patents through trademarks and copyrights; developing comprehensive business plans; and finding investors or partnerships when appropriate in order to make their inventions successful endeavors. 

By following these steps, inventors are more likely to achieve success with their inventions!

Want to chat about your patented invention? Contact me here.

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