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The Amazing Impact of 2020 Legal Clarity

2020 Legal Clarity

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I wear glasses. Without my glasses the world is a blurry place. My progressive glasses transformed my life. They allow me to see clearly both near and far; providing me a feeling of security, safety, and awareness in everything I do.

I wasn’t always an eyeglass – wearer. In fact, there was a time that I had no idea that my future would include full-time glasses. I had no idea how much clearer wearing the right pair of glasses would make the world. My life included success in every aspect.  Life was clear and moving ahead. All was well with the world!


I’ll always remember the exact moment I realized life wasn’t actually so clear. Picture this: me taking final exams in my first year of Law School. For one of my classes, our professor kindly permitted us to bring one 8 ½ by 11 “cheat-sheet” to the exam to lesson the brutality of finals. One single piece of paper to provide assistance during the exam.   Fantastic! Clever law student me scanned and shrunk down 9 pages of notes into one fact-filled page. Brilliant!

Actually, not exactly the cleverest thing to do.

When I sat down in the exam room, the overhead fluorescent lighting in the large auditorium caused my cheat-sheet to be completely blurry!  The 8 point font was completely unreadable. Wow! The confusion quickly gave way to major panic which, thank goodness, eventually became a new-found determination. I took the exam without the cheat-sheet; and actually still got a “B” in the class.

Yes, my reader, during the next week’s break an optometrist confirmed my need for glasses.  I began the next semester with my brand new glasses – my brand new clear vision of the world!


 Lesson learned: having the right pair of glasses brings things into focus and provides clarity of vision.

Your 20/20 Legal Clarity

OK so enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about your business.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and underprepared when it comes to legal operations of your business? Whether just starting out or well-established, every business needs legal protection.

Just as my glasses gave me clarity of vision, legal clarity can be yours with a legal wellness check-up for your business. A good legal check-up works just like the right pair of glasses.  It brings everything into focus, keeping you and your business risk-free.

legal clarityYour 2020 Legal Check-Up

A good legal check-up evaluates all aspects of your business.  Let’s explore each legal aspect briefly.

Establishing Your Business

Selecting your business legal structure, forming the legal entity, and registering your business in all appropriate jurisdictions will provide you with just the start your new business needs.

Running Your Business

Every business has a unique way it operates day to day. In actual fact, a successful business clearly defines and communicates its culture. This includes what to do, what not to do, and how to act. Thereby making sure everyone is on the same page.

Working With Others

In this fast paced, technology-based economy, transactions with clients, partners, and staff are often made with a verbal agreement, handshake, or even text message. Unfortunately, as time passes, misunderstandings in responsibilities, payment, and other important terms may occur. Notably, not only will the relationship suffer, your business could be subject to a legal dispute. Protect those relationships with the right agreement at the right time.

Protecting Your Value

You work hard to build your business, differentiating yourself in the market through your creativity and innovation. Promoting a culture of intellectual property protection is essential for you to set your business apart from competitors, increase your business valuation, and protect your investments.

Online Business Protection

Your website and social media network may be the most public and permanent part of your business. Your online business is subject to all the same laws and regulations (and a few more) of any business. Therefore, secure the success of your website and social media network by adhering to privacy, accessibility, terms of service, and intellectual property protection regulations.

Alleviate the stress and confusion of the legal “what ifs” by finding legal clarity.

Legal clarity allows you to focus on your passion, your business, resulting in experiencing the joy of entrepreneurship to its fullest.

Just as its namesake, think of year 2020 as the year of clarity. Therefore, let’s work together to bring the world of legal risk management into focus for you and your business. Contact me here .

Want to take the first step to legally securing your success?  Get your Free Ebook today!

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